Borehole Drilling Cost in Pretoria

Borehole Installation Cost

With all this being said, how much does a borehole cost? As you might imagine, there is no one set price for borehole drilling. Instead, the price of your borehole will largely depend on the specifics of your job. So saying, let’s take a look at some factors that can influence cost:

1. Size

Larger boreholes, by nature, will run higher costs than their smaller counterparts. Larger wells require more digging, which can get complicated depending on location, this tends to be a variable in the borehole drilling prices.

2. Difficulty

On a related note, the overall difficulty of the job will also play a part in the final cost. How good is your location, for starters? Is it near urban infrastructure? Do other factors make it trickier and overall tougher to get into the ground? If so, you should expect to pay more for the extra resources required in getting the job done.

3. Casing

Do you plan on adding casing to your borehole? 


In general, casing is advised, as it strengthens your borehole system and helps keep foreign particles from entering the borehole and damaging your pump. 



Still, adding this layer of casing will run you extra, so it’s important to remember that when budgeting for your borehole. Borehole casing prices vary but rest assured we source the best.


Borehole drilling costs vary depending on the site. A common unit of measurement is also the borehole drilling cost per metre, this is measured depending on the depth that needs to be drilled. It is an investment in your property and essentially becomes free resources from the earth, your borehole water cost that is.

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