Borehole Pump Installation

The Borehole Installation Process

Once we’ve mapped out your property and found the best place for your borehole, we’ll begin the construction of the borehole itself. In later sections, we’ll go over the specific borehole drilling techniques that we employ. 



For now, simply understand that boreholes are typically drilled into the ground at a 215mm diameter through the use of rotary drills that facilitate deep drilling while pulling underground debris up to the surface.



Importantly, you should know that borehole installation is more than drilling and water-filling. Drilling the borehole is simply the first step to actually making headway on your well. In general, steel casings are also applied to ensure safety and durability. 



In some cases, casing is provided from top to bottom, while in others only a small bit of casing may be required. Casing your borehole will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your yard and drilling.

Pumping the Borehole

Once your borehole yield test has been performed, it’s time to finish up your borehole by pumping and piping it. In terms, this is the time when we begin actual borehole pump installation. 

Ultimately, how this process goes about will be determined by the reason for your well. Are you planning on using the water residentially? If so, you’ll need different piping than you would for a business. Knowing this, you can also expect different costs based on the specific needs of your borehole. 

Once your borehole has been constructed, you’ll also want to get it treated. This is not hard to do considering our top of the line borehole testing in Pretoria.

Let us help you with your borehole installation in Pretoria.


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Installation FAQs

How Long Does Borehole Drilling Take?

The duration of time it takes to drill a borehole varies by project. This means that the time it takes us to complete your borehole will depend on the size of your borehole and the difficulty of the project. Of course, it will also depend on our schedule.

Do I Need a License to Install a Borehole?

In most regions of South Africa, a license is not required to install a borehole. This means that you can likely get your borehole installation done without any special permissions. We service the Pretoria, South Africa region if you’re ready to get your borehole installed!

How Much Water Will I Be Able to Use?

The ultimate answer to this depends on your location and aquifer. With that being said, most individuals find that their boreholes are more than sufficient to supply as much water as they need. Of course, you’ll want to conserve water so that you’re not using it frivolously, which can cause you to drain your supply.

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