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Borehole Drilling Services

Borehole drilling interest has been on the rise in Pretoria the capital of South Africa. Pretoria has plenty of natural aquifers running below the surface of the ground which can benefit residents, farms and businesses. This provides a cost-effective water supply alternative.


Boreholes provide property owners with access to clean groundwater throughout the year and can substantially cut down on water and Tshwane utility costs. If you’re looking at drilling services in Pretoria, South Africa, it’s important to find the right company.


The borehole drilling process is undoubtedly fun and exciting but is also detailed and requires extreme care. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure you go with a proven company with plenty of experience in the field, we are borehole specialists in Pretoria.

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Borehole Drilling

When it comes to the drilling in Pretoria, no one does it better. We offer a full range of services:



  • Divination (If you need to find out the best spot to put your borehole)
  • Borehole Yield Testing
  • Pump Installation
  • Repairs and Maintenance

Our products last long term and are affordable, compounding your cost-savings and giving you comfort in your purchase. Our borehole pumps are made of stainless steel, giving them the ability to resist the elements.

Borehole Repairs

If you have a broken pump, we also offer borehole pump repairs, a wide variety of additional repair services and cleaning that will get your borehole working good as new! Just as important, the quality of the extracted water could be compromised. Knowing this, it’s critical that you act quickly to get those repairs that you need. We can ensure the water quality is good.


Our specialists are glad to help you with any issues you may be having with your borehole. With our quality repairs, you can rest assured that your borehole water supply is optimum.

Drilling Rig
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Our Services

Installation rig
Borehole Pump Installation

We install from Pretoria north to Pretoria East and surroundings.

Borehole Yield Test

Make sure your water supply is constant and strong.

Irrigation Systems

Our borehole services are the perfect off the grid water supply solution for your irrigation!

Repairs & Maintenance

We attend to your general borehole repairs in Pretoria and pump repairs in surrounding areas.

Water testing
Water Quality Testing

Our water analysis testing makes sure your water is of quality.

Water Survey
Water Survey

Get the maximum success rate of finding your water supply.

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The Process Borehole Drilling Explained

Borehole Drill
Drilling for Clean Water

STEP 1: Water Surveying

Before there can be any borehole drilling, a hydrogeologist will need to determine exactly where the water is. A hydrogeologist can use a variety of borehole water drilling methods to assess the overall geophysical properties in an underlying area and water. These professionals ensure that no one is drilling into natural hazards or man-made pipelines, cables, or phone lines.

STEP 2: Drilling of the Borehole

Once water surveyors and the borehole drilling specialists prep a path for the drilling, a proper borehole can be constructed. Once completed, the unstable lengths of the hole are then steel-cased to reinforce the tube of the borehole.

STEP 3: Determining Borehole Yield

Once the borehole drilling is completed, individuals will gauge the yield of the water in the borehole, and an aquifer test is performed. This involves installing a test pump and effectively pumping borehole water for a fixed number of variables, time, rate, water pressure and the impact on the water level within.

STEP 4: Installing the Pumps

The final pump installation and piping will be done for your borehole. The type of pump will depend on the intended use of the borehole water. This can then have an effect on the end borehole prices as no two projects are the same.

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